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Scholarships For Easing the Cost of College

A college education is a major investment, but scholarships can help make it more affordable. Our scholarships directory helps students discover funding for college based on criteria like academics, athletics, community service, financial need, field of study, demographics, and more.

Search Scholarships

Use our database to search thousands of national, state, and local scholarships. Filter results by level (high school, undergrad, grad), deadlines, award amounts, eligibility, and other criteria. New opportunities added weekly.

Scholarship Application Tips

Crafting a strong application is key to securing scholarships. We provide tips on:

  • Writing compelling personal statements
  • Asking for letters of recommendation
  • Gathering transcripts, test scores, and documents
  • Submitting supplementary materials
  • Interviewing successfully for scholarships
  • Meeting deadlines and requirements

Scholarship Resources

Beyond our database, learn how to find and win scholarships through articles, guides, videos, and expert advice covering:

  • Scholarship essays – How to make your writing stand out
  • Application timelines – When to search and apply
  • Unusual scholarships – Offbeat funding opportunities
  • Minority scholarships – Awards for diverse groups
  • Merit vs. need-based aid – What’s the difference?
  • FAFSA guide – Unlocking government financial aid
  • Debt-free degree guide – Strategies to graduate without loans

With preparation and persistence, scholarships can help make college dreams a reality!